Corporate Training


Corporate Training

To bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to satisfy the challenges of worldwide business competitions by corporates, Globez Professional Solutions focuses on productivity enhancement training. Globez Professional Solutions provides turnkey in- company training and skill building services, certification of professional skills, standardized quality content development and delivery.

The results show the effectiveness of the trainings offered. All the skill development training and company training that VitalSmarts offer have a reputation of contributing positively to successful organizational outputs and in bringing out the simplest in people.


The corporate sector is handling a large disengagement crisis. Keeping employees engaged at workplace is that the top priority of most organizations. Companies who support training tend to create a motivational environment and show that their employees are valued. Feeling appreciated, helps employees to feel more satisfaction towards their jobs leading to higher morale and motivation.

Every business must regularly update itself to remain relevant in today's rapidly changing world. It is seen that within the current corporate scenario more and more companies are choosing corporate trainings. A decade approximately ago, companies had this thinking that skill development trainings and expert corporate trainings are expensive and decided to steer removed from them. The thinking has now evolved and corporations who encourage training are reaping beneficial results.

A lot of employees feel that they haven’t reached their full potential owing to lack in development opportunities. Corporate training addresses both strengths and weaknesses. Employees who undergo frequent training have improved skills, greater confidence in their abilities, and show increased productivity. Thus, these employees perform better.

Skill development

Crucial accountabilty

It is a master performance discussion with the aim of getting fruitful results and building strong relationships. On completion of coaching participants learn the way to manage projects creatively by avoiding excuses, keep progress on the right track, and find over performance barriers.

Crucial conversations

This one may be a tool for talking when the stakes are high. It teaches participant to talk persuasively and not abrasively. Crucial conversations training helps in building teamwork by eliminating disagreements. it's also helpful in improving productivity, quality, and performance by mastering the talents of holding crucial conversations.

skill development

Power of habit

Why we do what we neutralize life? determine the solution to the current and plenty more insights during this helpful training module that’s a section of skill development training.


The science of bringing a change, that’s what this particular training does. Influencer training helps to cause a behavioral change to provide future results. Participants get to grasp the way to identify the important reason for behavioral problems. It also increases safety, services and processes compliance by motivating others in spite of having a proper authority.