BFSI is referred to as Banking, financial services and insurance sector. This sector includes organisations, which provide a wide range of financial services as well as products. BFSI consists of insurance provider’s commercial banks, cooperatives, small finance banks, pension funds and so on. Globez professional solutions deliver IT, business solutions to the organisations that work in the banking financial services and insurance industry.

Banking Sector

The banking sector in the BFSI industry incorporates primarily the core banking, corporate, private banking, retail, investments and so on. This is a section in the economy that is dedicated to holding different kinds of assets be it money, virtual assets, material assets, properties for other people.

These sectors facilitate the creation of an increased amount of wealth and the government regulates these activities. Banks also use the money that they gathered from the public to offer loans in order to earn more money by levying high-interest rates on the amount of loan money.

Financial services and insurance sector

Financial services are delivered by the industry of finance that includes a variety of businesses devoted to the management of money.  Credit unions, investment accounts, consumer finance, accountancy organisations, government-aided enterprises, credit card companies are all encompassed by the financial services sector. Insurance is offered by different policymakers operating in the BFSI industry and is a crucial part of financial services. This is a risk management procedure protecting the wealth of the public. 

Globez professional solutions, Kolkata offers innovative and efficient technological solutions to BFSI organisations. This company provides IT solutions in order to increase and improve the organisational performance and quality of work facilitating a greater earning of yearly revenue. The financial services, banking and insurance companies need to promote themselves effectively to arrest the interest of a large number of consumers.  Therefore, performance efficiency influenced by Globez professional solutions is beneficial for the profitability of these companies.